• Image of Maya Rochat: (ma tête à couper!)
  • Image of Maya Rochat: (ma tête à couper!)
  • Image of Maya Rochat: (ma tête à couper!)

Stoned to please, I'm reciting myself the brochure of good manners.
The last chic ; a brain in massive gold, you go with your car my ride you stop, far from the danger of swiss streets, luxury, a stinging compensation.
Let's leave grand ideas to others, goof around stuff ourselves drunk. The snooze has been deserved.
Now my head is saught by many, ripted out hair, streched skin, emergency exit sealed.
I have no longer time nor for play nor for waiting. For me, nothing else to do, P.N.R. The merits of airguns.
A schnaps.
There's one more sentence and that's all.

Inspired by her online work "(ma tête à couper!)" (2009-2011), in this artist book Maya confronts differents moments of the allday life. Almost schizophrenic, she interrogates society behaviours, questions beauty, the representation of ourselves, the disguisements linked to the social conventions. The artists uses herself as a blank sheet, questions her inner reality confronted to the outer realities..
Circulation: 100 copies, numbered, hand-made | 32 pages, full colour, printed on a 4 meter long paper | folded to 18 x 13 cm, including a 24-page booklet on green paper.

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